The path of recovery from addiction is riddled with fears that foster cycles of self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviors that interrupt a stable and fulfilling lifestyle.

Recovery Stress Stabilization and Proactive Relapse Prevention:

• The cycle can be broken through counseling, education, guidance and support.

• The solutions can be found in concrete, practical applications of recovery-based instruction so that the riches of a full recovery can be enjoyed and shared.

However, the addict or alcoholic cannot do it by him or herself. Without help, a relapses can be certain,each one more discouraging and devastating than the last.

Paul Booth, a certified addiction counselor, psychotherapist and education specialist provides a “jumping off point” from the vicious cycle of addiction. It is an innovative psycho-educational approach. Paul provides the guidance required to navigate down the road of recovery using constructive and effective proactive relapse prevention strategies.more

With over 28 years in the field of chemical addiction recovery, Paul is a master in teaching clients to recognize stabilization threats throughout recovery, and to develop methods to realistically deal with them in a manner that fits an individual’s personal needs. This approach has proven highly effective with individuals with recurrent relapse episodes and to those who may be resistant to group processes, 12-step programs.

• Through one-on-one counseling and written and experiential assignments, a proactive relapse prevention plan can be laid out and a foundation for recovery ensured.

Targets that are addressed:

Warning signs of stress related decompensation;

• Management of craving;

• Identifying triggers and set-up behavior;

• Goal setting within the developmental stages;

• Support systems networking. In a safe and non-confrontational setting.

Paul also instructs in assertiveness training, anger management, relaxation, communication skills and nutrition’s role in recovery and communication skills.

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